Rattlesnake Avoidance for Dogs

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Cerberus K9 owner/operator Joe Reaves performing a snake avoidance clinic at the Benson Animal Hospital.

Having pet dogs in the Sonoran Desert comes with unique concerns and responsibilities.

Every year in Arizona, hundreds of pet dogs are bitten by rattlesnakes.  The effects of rattlesnake venom are instant and range from extreme pain and swelling to permanent tissue loss or death.  Many dogs aren’t even aware there’s a snake nearby as they often seek shelter from the summer sun in bushes and rodent dens, behind patio furniture, even under your BBQ grill!


The graphic and painful result of a snakebite

Teaching your dog to avoid the scent, sight and sound of a rattlesnake can save you and your dog a lot of pain and heartache, not to mention thousands of dollars in emergency veterinary care.  Cerberus K9 offers the most effective rattlesnake avoidance training in Southern Arizona and free yearly rechecks so you only pay once for the valuable training!  Call today and see why veterinarians and pet owners trust Cerberus K9 with their dog’s safety and security.

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Our humane muzzling procedure ensures the safety of you and dog throughout the training process

Rattlesnake Avoidance Training is available year-round through Cerberus K9.  Go to our “Dog Training Classes in Tucson” page to see current rates.