Cerberus K9 2017 Dog Training Classes

Cerberus K9 offers a variety of training packages to fit your needs.  All training is conducted in one-on-one sessions to guarantee the full attention of your trainer. Individual sessions also available. We offer a 30% military discount! (check the bottom of this page for other discounts).  Scroll down for the best of Tucson dog training!

Basic Obedience – This 10 week basic course sets your dog up for success by establishing your boundaries and expectations using methods your dog will understand before serious behavior issues have a chance to develop.  Your dog will learn and perform basic obedience commands (heel perfectly on a leash, sit-stay, down-stay, down in motion, placemat and come), overcome distractions and receive Rattlesnake and River Toad avoidance training.   Total program cost: $625 (includes basic training equipment)


Home Visit – Don’t feel like leaving the house? Cerberus K9 will come to you!   Individual home sessions are $100.  For training packages, such as Obedience, Clicker Conditioning or E-collar obedience, add $35 per home session.


Rattlesnake and Colorado River Toad Avoidance – The Cerberus K9 snake and toad avoidance class is the best there is.  We have years of prior experience in the field of removal and relocation of rattlesnakes, so you can rest assured that you and your dog will be safe during training.  This service includes a free yearly re-check for the life of your dog to make sure they retain the training.  Total cost – $125 per dog or $150 at your home.  

(We offer group rates and multiple dog discounts for Rattlesnake training.  Check with your friends and neighbors if you would like to arrange a group session at a discounted rate)


Professional Obedience – This 16 week course consists of precision obedience with difficult distractions, home manners and trick training. This challenging, well rounded course unlocks your dog’s true potential and provides plenty of physical and mental exercise.  As the handler, you will learn the necessary training theory and techniques to train your future dogs without hiring a trainer.  Includes Rattlesnake and River Toad Aversion. Total Program Cost: $1400 (includes basic training equipment)


Clicker Conditioning and Tricks – This 4 week group or private course is all about having fun with your dog.  You’ll learn how to properly use a clicker to teach your dog new tricks as well as how to put some of their cute or funny antics on cue.  Certain obedience commands can also be taught as tricks.  Total program cost:  – $275 (private) $175 (group) 


Service and Therapy Training – Cerberus K9’s service dog training fits many common needs of a service dog, such as retrieving dropped items from the floor, helping maintain your balance while walking or standing, excellent obedience and a calm, attentive demeanor in public, regardless of distractions.  Cost is determined on a sliding scale after an initial consultation and is based on your individual needs, the aptitude of your dog, and your financial ability.


Personal Protection – Does your dog have the drive and determination to be a personal protection dog?  The Cerberus K9 personal protection program teaches your dog to attack an intruder on command, potentially saving the life of yourself of a family member.  Protection training is highly labor intensive and requires absolute compliance with all instructions. Most personal protection dogs are selected while they are still young and are raised differently than gentle family dogs. Evaluating your dog for protection work takes place over the span of three sessions.  Cost and duration are based on your dog’s aptitude and the extent of training you desire.  The cost of an evaluation is $150 and is non-refundable.



Other discounts:

Police/Fire/EMT – 10%

Age 65 and over – 10%

Cerberus K9 2017

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